Market Analysis of Aluminum Fences

- Apr 18, 2018-

At present, most of the fences used in the real estate industry and other industries are iron fences. When suppliers participate in bids for bids, they have caused bad vicious competition due to price cuts three or five times. The profit of the bid price can be described as negligible or even less than cost. Therefore, it is inevitable to cut corners and materials in the processing and manufacturing process, and it is unavoidable to over-engineer manufacturing, thus seriously damaging consumers. Interests. If the processing is strictly carried out according to the technical requirements of the drawings, the cost of the product cannot be compared with the bid price. Through market research, the traditional guardrails have a life expectancy of seven to eight years, ranging from three to four years. According to the relevant provisions of the national lifelong responsibility system for civil construction quality, those guardrails that are prone to rust, perishability, brittleness, and unqualified quality continue to be used. Although the price of the aluminum fence is high, its quality, quality and practical value are several times that of the traditional fence. Cailv guardrail not only provides people with a safe guarantee of life, but also plays an ideal decorative role; not only adds a bright spot to the project quality, economic development has also advanced a new level.